Eclipse Spykit

Almost every day we hear of new companies adopting Eclipse as their application development platform. With the number of Eclipse Projects growing in leaps and bounds in the Eclipse Community chances of the risk of memory bloat and performance degradation is high. Therefore Performance Tuning is the need of the hour in the Eclipse Projects.

This Project is inspired by Runtime Spy, one of Core Tools available from During our search for Runtime Spy, we realised that the support for this tool has been stopped since Eclipse 3.2 when Eclipse was moved to OSGI.

Our motive of this project is to revive Runtime Spy back and add more functionality into the same and also create a set of tools that would come in handy for Performance Tuning of Eclipse Projects.
We invite the Eclipse Community to start using the project for their performance tuning activities. Do please report issues and raise new feature requests. We would be more than happy to implement it and provide a release immediately.

The Project is hosted on and you may download the latest version from [|eclipse-spykit]. The Source Code is also available for download thru SVN, we would encourage the contributors to take the source and build around it and contribute back to the project.