Development - Configuration Tools

Most of the piece of code is already available. Its just changing a few parameters and variables to make it work. Configuration Tools are about capturing these parameters and variables in a User Friendly UI.
Code Generation Tools are used to convert these captured parameters into the required piece of Code.

Problem Statement :
Now a days no one pays for the Hardware if its not supported by a good Configuration Software. If you are a SemiCon Manufacturer like INTEL, INFINEON, CYPRESS etc or a Automotive Hardware Supplier like BOSCH, then your OEMs need to purchase your hardware along with your interfacing software. But the OEMs now are particular that these interfacing softwares are not just supplied as API but as Configuration Softwares wherein the OEMs can configure the required variables and generate the code as desired. This saves the associates in OEM a lot of time as they dnt hav to learn your interfacing API and maintain it.

Example IDE or Configuration Tools in the Market :

Our Expertise

Eclipse has a good set of Frameworks specially designed for Code Generation Tools under M2T Projects.
  • JET
  • Acceleo
  • Xpand
ANCIT has a lot of expertise in delivering such tools to our clients. We have been actively involved by our clients in the Automotive Industry, SemiCon Industry, PLC Machine Manufacturers etc in delivering such tools.

Industries Interested : Automotive, SemiCon, Aerospace, Banking, HealthCare etc.

The above mentioned EZ USB Suite for Cypress is completed designed and delivered by ANCIT.
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